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IRS Audits, levies, collections Financial and Accounting Software Is it Time to Upgrade?

DOS Must Go!

Y2K has been the "mantra" from television anchors to your local bank. Most PC Windows 95/98 programs from legitimate vendors are continuously upgraded. Unfortunately, most software companies no longer upgrade and support DOS programs. If you are running a DOS accounting or tax program, it is time to upgrade now!

QuickBooks Must be Upgraded!

QuickBooks for DOS has not been upgraded to be fully Y2K compliant. QuickBooks Windows Versions 2, 3, 4, are not fully ready for 2000 dates. There have been patches for QB 5, but Intuit does not guarantee full compliance. QuickBooks 6 and 2000 are claimed to be fully ready for 2000 date issues. Please upgrade now!

Peachtree, DacEasy, should be explored

Peachtree, DacEasy, and other software should be checked for Y2K compliance. All DOS programs should be suspect. If you have a question, contact the software manufacturer's WebSite, or call us.

Timeslips, Timekeeping and Financial Programs

Timeslips and other financial programs are also subject to problems with the year 2000 issue. Make sure Timeslips is upgraded to Version 8 or 9. Question any DOS program, including Timeslips 5 and 6.

QuickBooks and Timeslips Consulting.

In addition to tax and business law practice, Ronald J. Cappuccio, J.D., LL.M.(Tax) is a Certified Timeslips Consultant (since 1989) and is a QuickBooks Consultant. Our office can assist you with training, installation and continuing support. Please call us!

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