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Tax Planning

Tax Planning from the start of the business and on-going can help make your business grow and profit.

Asset Protection     A Domestic Asset Protection Trust is a trust established in a US state designed to shield the trust assets from the creditors of the beneficiary. The idea is that placing assets into a trust can preserve them for the use of the beneficiary while sheilding them from most creditors.

1031 Like Kind Exchange of real estate   A Like-Kind exchange can help you dispose of highly appreciated property and defer or eliminate capital gains. The exchange can help you switch from lower income properties to those offering a higher return. A Like-Kind exchange can help you switch from raw/agricultural land to a commercial rental property. ly prevent a completed gift by retaining a special testamentary power of appointment.

Employee vs. Independent Contractor      Does your firm use outside workers for some jobs? This can result in significant savings if the workers are properly classified as independent contractors rather than employees.




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